We are preparing various plant extracts in solution or creams, for topical or systemic use (applied on the skin or taken by mouth).

We have successfully used these extracts (different plants and compositions) for treating various conditions:

- osteoarthritis, lumbago, sciatic nerve pain, sprained ankles, periostal edema after surgery, 

- diabetes (both insulin-resistant - type 2 - and insulin dependent - type 1)

- lymphedema post chemotherapy/oncological surgery, poor circulation (swollen legs/arma)

- neurodegerative disease (Parkinson, Alzheimer)

- post cerebrovascular accidents (neurotrofic)

- improvement of liver/kidney function

- rhinitis/sinusitis, etc.

These extracts are prepared speciffically for each patients, so details on the health status needs to be given by mail (felicians@bio-forum.net) before a remedy can be prepared.


                                 successfully used in clinical trials, patent pending

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