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using fossil fuels vs renewable energy

Posted by: felicians on 6/6/2015 8:40 AM

Two very clear graphs must be considered by fossil-fuel advocates beyond discussing theoretical models on global weather and climate change:
1) there is clear positive correlation between temperature and CO2/CH4 concentrations
as recorded in Antarctic ice during past 1000 years
2) there is a clear trend since 1950 in global temperature raising:
For those who are not yet convinced on the contribution of fossil fuel burning on climate change, the second graph shows that the biggest dips in global temperatures were recorded in the years after the two World Wars and during economic recessions in the industrialized world. The data on global industrial ouput (reflecting fossil fuel usage) can be compared to this graph of recorded global temperatures.
Then there is the fact that warmer weather (especially abrupt warming) favors extreme weather phenomena such as hurricanes, tornadoes, heat waves, storms and flooding.
Who will tell the next generations that global subsidies for fossil fuel usage was in 2014 about 5 times bigger than subsidies for green energy?

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Much was made of the global cooling trend observed between 1955-1975, which coincided with a rapid increase in SO2 emissions and the frequent "acid rains" - including a "London fog" which had thousands of victims. Clearly SO2 emissions influence global temperatures promptly and significantly, and they must be included in the climate modeling which document the anthropocene.
Interesting graphs on the global SO2 emissions are found at the site below, (the assertions presented together with those good graphs are biased because they do not simultaneously consider the other very important climate modifyers: CO2 and methane)
Alos, it would be interesting to study the 2010-2014 "cooling" of the Antarctic by including emissions data from Southern Emisphere (Australia, etc). Putting together the information on CO2, SO2, and methane (important especially in the Arctic because of permafrost thawing) can provide the best explanation and predictor of climate change.
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Would be interesting to see if old generation stations can be converted to grid-stabilisation centers by installing at these sites groups of batteries and supercapacitors (ex V2O5 batteries) so that excess wind and solar can be temporarily stored there. In California there are some old geotermal plants which can be used, in Germany there are some old nuclear plants which have been decomissioned. etc. "Negative" wind energy prices seen in windy days can even make these projects profitable in a 10-15 years timeframe.
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