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Innovation for Progress

Posted by: felicians on 5/4/2018 6:24 AM

For a better start in the 3rd Millennium, we as society should stimulate progress by facilitating innovation. An important step would be to facilitate the process of intellectual property, firstly by decreasing the processing time of granting a patent from the current 36 months to a maximum of 3 months (it will require many more patent officers, but with electronic databases and the internet the process of retrieving and reviewing information is much easier than before). Secondly, the patent application should include the temporal proof of priority (a court date stamped on the documentation). Finally, in this 3-month timeline there should be included 1 month of "open/public review", where interested parties can bring arguments against the priority or infringement of proposed patent, and 1 month for the decision of the government experts (this would eliminate the costly judicial battles which greatly increase costs and delay the implementation).
Someone said "Stone age did not end because of a shortage of stones". We owe it to ourselves and to future generations to make it better by choosing better.

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