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cleaner cities

Posted by: felicians on 4/27/2016 2:24 PM

One way to have less polution in the cities:
- offer incentives for electric propulsion proportional to the distance per passenger with electric-only propulsion (and at least 10 km/passenger).
For example, $250 for eBike, $500 for motorbike (2 people), $750 trike (3 seats), $1000 for autos (carrying 4 people) going at least 10 km on electric alone; $5.000 for auto with at least 50 km electric autonomy, $10.000 for auto with at least 100 km electric autonomy; $50.000 for city bus carying at least 50 people 200 km, etc....

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...other thoughts: $20.000 for a electric plane/gyro/copter/drone able to ferry 2 passengers for 100+ km; $5.000 for an electric delivery truck, 3,5 t and 200+ km range; $20.000 for truck with 10 t carriage/100 km; $20.000 for autonomous electric river barge with 500 t capacity/200 km range, etc, etc...
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Everybody who wants Apple to make not an electric car, but an electric drone/heli for personal transport, please raise your hand :)
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