Current and past clinical studies

We are currently focusing on stem cell treatments

Stem Cells in ASD

Administration of stem cells from autologous umbilical cord blood harvested at birth for patients with autistic disease; comparison is made with a combination of supplements
‌ Identifier: NCT04007224


Double-blind, crossover, placebo controlled study on benign thyroid nodules: a combination with spirulina, curcumin and boswellia was safe and effective
‌ Identifier: NCT03535974


A pilot, open-label study on a new combination of medicines administered intravenously post-stroke
‌ Identifier: NCT03543917


The combination of arginine-ascorbate is proposed as broad-spectrum antiviral


Modifications of glucidic, lipidic and proteic metabolism in prediabetes and diabetes are studied via multiple markers (mass spectroscopy)

Helicobacter (retrospective)

First clinical study published in 2005 shows characteristics of H pylori infections in a native american population 

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