started in April 2000 as an online platform intended to showcase and help pursue various projects in science and humanities, with medical research being the main interest.

The Bio-Forum Foundation was started in 2012 to help materialize previous efforts and in 2013 the first donations by its founding members were used for medical treatments and medical research activities, and smaller directed donations were granted in the humanities area (for piano studying, organising a sporting event - archery competition -, and help with restoring a rural church). 

There are a few ongoing medical research projects (most recent projects are listed first):

- Use of stem cells for improving neurological function of patients in neurovegetative state (coma) and cerebrovascular accidents
- Intravenous administration of a new combination of medicines for patients with cerebrovascular accidents and coma
- Administration (oral) of a combination of supplements for thyroid nodules
- Intraarticular administration of a new combination of medicines for arthritis and osteoarthritis (knees and ankles)
- Studying the mechanisms and efficacy of a new anti-viral treatment which so far was successfully used for influenza, herpesviruses, including zona zoster, and viral hepatitis (C & B)
- Patent- pending treatment with natural extracts for edema, ecchymosis and poor circulation (including forearm fibrosis/induration after administration of chemotherapy)  
- Patent-pending treatment with natural extracts for rapid healing of sprains, joint swelling and pain (osteoarthritis, lumbar/cervical pain , sciatica)
A few peer-reviewed articles were published so far Medicine, Research

More projects and details are/will be posted on the site pages

We are inviting everybody to participate and contribute to the projects

Kind regards,

Dr. Felician Stancioiu

President, The Bio-Forum Foundation

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