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Therapy for malignancies


This therapy is being proposed to patients diagnosed with a specific malignancy and who have not obtained good results after administration of chemotherapy with or without radiotherapy. First of all we strongly advise and encourage all patients diagnosed with malignancy to follow the chemo-and radio-therapy prescribed by their oncologist, for even though there are well-known severe adverse reactions, those treatments have been well studied and their benefits outweigh risks so that their rate of succes at 5 years from the beginning of treatment exceeds 50% in the majority of cases.

The therapeutic strategy used by us in the integrative medicine approach for malignancies is based on the following points:

I. Evaluating the patient on the basis of the analysis performed previously to which we add electrosomatography (non-invasive holistic evaluation using an electronic device) and possibly blood work for tumor markers. Besides medical imaging (ultrasound, CT, MRI, etc.) we focus on immunohistochemistry and utilising tumor markers to individualize the respective pathology;

II. Elaboration of a therapeutic plan which involves one or more paths of administering natural extracts and medication: topical aplication, sublingual, oral, parenteral, intravenous. The injections are standardised preparations from well-known producers in US, Germany, UK, Switzerland. The topical preparations are made by our team using exclusively plant extracts, and the oral ones will be bought from farmacies and health supplement stores.

III. Efficacy of the treatment administered will be evaluated by repeating the analysis (ultrasound, CT, MRI, blood work) preferably in the same setting where the initial set was performed.

Two important aspects need to be mentioned:

- The personalized integrative treatment consists of a combination of substances extracted from plants with new methods and substances used in research which are not yet used extensivley in medical practice. It is worth mentioning that many of the substances used today in chemotherapy are originating from plants from which one active ingredient was isolated and then administered in very high, toxic concetrations. One advantage of the integrative method is that we are using more active substances at lower concentrations, which lowers adverse reactions.  Typical chemotherapy regimens use 2-5 active substances in very high doses, while integrative therapy uses more than 10 substances simultaneously acting on different points of the pathological cellular pathways. We also target new cellular molecules and paths which were previously not addressed by chemo regimens, making therapy more effective in doses closer to physiologic concentrations; with the end result being that the active substances attack more selectively the malignant cells and with fewer and milder adverse reactions.

- Even though some of the plants have been in use traditionally (folk medicine), the choice of components (especially the injections) is done strictly informed by the blood tests which document the tumor traits, with active substances which have a well-established profile by laboratory research at cellular, nuclear and genetic level (Bcl inhibitors, p53 activators, NFkB inhibitors, etc.). This is the reason for which the vials with injectable substances ordered from known manufacturers (Fisher Scientific, Sigma Aldrich, etc.) are priced a few hundred euros each. Having the 5 paths of administration can help to individualize the treatments in order to ensure optimum compliance even from a financial standpoint.

We are offering our support in your fight with cancer,


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