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Regenerative therapy 

We know that with advancing age and especially during periods of prolonged physical or psychological stress, different body tissues respond more or less adequatley to the challenge of processing increased amounts of metabolic waste (mainly reactive oxygen species resulting from mitochondrial function) and counteracting their influence on the functioning of cells, including at the genetic level (gene expression of various proteins, DNA repair, etc.) may be suboptimal, resulting in a  continuum of patophysiological states  which may lead to full-blown, chronic disease states.

Administration of vitamins and supplements can help in some situations, especially when the dietary input is unbalanced or when there are sudden specific losses (drinking Gatorade after heavy exercise is such an example); however in some cases an ample "reset" may be needed to reverse the course of body deterioration, for example bariatric surgery which was shown to reverse type 2 diabetes and metabolici syndrome.

We are proposing a  individually-tailored intervention, an iv treatment which has already been administered successfully 




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